Across all end devices, from desktop to mobile to mixed reality, quality software is no longer developed in isolation against a fixed specification. It is developed collaboratively by engineers, designers, and quality

experts responding quickly to patterns of user behaviour observed against a steady stream of incremental changes. At Somo we build the teams, processes, and tool chains that enable ongoing product-focused optimization.


Google I/O Beyond the Hype

David Taylor, Technical Architect 

The technology demo Duplex, where Google Assistants made Turing-test-beating phone calls on your behalf, is either amazing or the start of the AI takeover, depending on your perspective. But beyond the hype of personal digital assistants (can we reclaim this term yet?!) and self-driving cars, what did I/O mean for brands and apps in 2018/9?

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Using machine learning techniques to build smarter solutions 

Andrew Wyld, Technical Architect

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have exploded in the last few years, with Google basing nearly all of their activities around powerful techniques like LSTM networks that can analyse language with almost giddying facility, image and speech recognition outstripping human performance and eBay's VP of engineering, Japjit Tulsi, provocatively saying "If you’re not doing AI today, don’t expect to be around in a few years."

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GraphQL with apollo and react 

Pete Fairhurst, Web Lead

About two years ago, Somo switched over to using Facebook’s React framework for the majority of our Web-based interface development. Previously, we’d relied upon the usual mixture of vanilla JavaScript and a sprinkling of jQuery here and there for added convenience. But with the maturing of JavaScript’s underlying ECMAscript standard, we felt it was the right time to make the jump to a full-bore UI framework.

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